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Should I lose weight the healthy way?

I have had 150 calories today, and burned 50 so far, I am trying to follow the SGD, but I have done two days and feel like absolute shit. I have no energy to work out, I have to energy to even laugh right now, what the fuck. I think I should be having a decent breakfast (a bowl of oatmeal, toast, cereals, fresh fruit) and smallish lunch (salad, small sandwich, soup) and a healthy small dinner (veggies, small amount of carbs, protein) This would stop me binging, stop me having no energy to work out, and it would mean that I can stick to it. I could stick to under 1000 calories eating, and burn around 300+ a day. I would be at a total of around 700, but it would stop me obsessing, I can feel myself slipping into an ED. and I do not want to go there, I have seen how it affects everything about someones’ life, I need to just, lose a bit of weight, get fit, and healthy. 

If any one has any tips other than obviously eat less, exercise more, then I would be really, really thankful for your help!


Perfect ! 


Perfect ! 


Been doing really, really shitty. Summer holidays and I went to stay with my grandparents in Scotland who made me eat all the fucking time, and since I’ve been back I’ve been putting it off really bad. I told myself that today I was starting the sgd, but I had 200 cal oatmeal, 95 cal banana, 50 cal marshmallow fluff and a 100 cal yogurt. I’ve burned 150 cal from walking, and I have a jacket potato for tea. That puts my total at around 595. AHHHHHH

595. Thats shit. That one number. I will only eat that. No other food today. Tomorrow will look like this, my limit is 300.

Breakfast - Apple 60

Lunch - Nothing 0

Dinner - less than 400

Burn - Walking. 100 cal

Running/Wii - 200

That will put my total at around 160.

That sounds good. I’m ready. After dinner, this will start. No food, unless I absolutly have to. I need to get back in control of this, I need to be tiny, I need to be small and be able to disappear. 

Here is some lovely new thinspo for you girls (and boys) stay motivated!!


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